Inspection Policy
Inspection Policy of Haryana State Pollution Control Board

In order to streamline and simplify the process of inspections of the units/industries, Haryana State Pollution Control Board(HSPCB)has decided to issue the following policy for inspection of industries/ projects for checking the compliance of the provisions of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, and Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

  • Periodicity/Frequency for Mandatory Inspection of Industries/Projects - Dated 11.02.2020

  • Periodicity/Frequency for Mandatory Inspection of Industries/Projects - Dated 30.10.2019

  • Units having Inadequate Pollution Control Devices and Non Complying - Dated 25.02.2019

  • Prescribed competent authority for permitting inspections - Dated 31.10.2018

  • Partial modification of clause no. 4.2.5 of inspection policy of the board - Dated 04.07.2018

  • Amendment in Para No. 4.2.4 of inspection policy for inspection / sampling of green category of industry/projects - Dated 26.10.2017

  • Submission of Inspection Report through Online System - Dated 30.05.2017

  • Amendment in Inspection Policy dated 24.02.2016 regarding periodicity for inspection / sampling of Industries / projects for mandatory inspection of green category of industries - Dated 07.03.2017

  • Inspection of Industries/Projects for Implementation of Environmental Laws/Rules - Dated 21.04.2016

  • Policy defining authority for according permission to the officers for Inspections of the Industries under various Environmental Laws - Dated 20.04.2016

  • Inspection Policy of the Board for the Industries - Dated 24.02.2016